time stops when we find

that thing which makes us thrive and

lets life flow freely

I am a boy of many interests but a man of few masters. These words passed are in essence the same as paper, a digital remnant of my soul, a thing that will forever remain yet never exist…these hieroglyphs passed henceforth are meant to share that internal magic of my being. The topics will vary-art works in such ways-but my vision will always remain focused:

Vision Quests and the fools that dare them,

Semi-successful life advice with comedy,

Magic and the many things that it associates with,

Peace and Harmony for my fellow Apes,

The human condition and post-human condition,

(In small, short, intense reveals, my personal history)

(Poetry is habitual, but I stick to Haiku mostly)

(Astrology, Theology, Science, Logic, Courage, Wisdom)

(Also…this is my Pisces voice…when found in parentheses).

Looking to get paid from writing…will do individual signed sales on prints, will set up an Internet collection plate. Willing to take feedback, in hindsight the old raw work is ripe with talent but lacking polish. Round two (writing on paper) will hopefully be less raw and more polished, but third time will likely be the charm.

As a businessman, I intend to revamp the website as views trickle upwards into something more presentable…

Look to the stars,


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