I delve deep into the ethereal,

Darkness becomes me;

I thrive, cloak and dagger within the underworld…

My own powers of the mind have turn mystic,

I call to the abyss and listen to their response.


I am an earth snake, doomed to a life of unknown potential, as long as I am able to shake off the laziness that grounds me. Always thinking in epic proportions, my own personal adventure always toes the knife; I want fire and ice. The warrior Leo in me strives to face every problem head on…but the little voice of the presumptuous Pisces fears the sound of his own roar. As Sun and Moon unite within, I find myself an artist without medium…just plain without actually. A life of harsh piety and enduring spirit is all I have left after giving in to depression, suicide, violence, and finally, rebirth of the ego.

(It is through shedding our skins that we snakes grow the most).

Follow this earth snake to learn the future of the species Homo sapiens…and how powerful we are once finally united.



(But basically I’ll be doing astrology readings)…


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