Adding to the Jigglypuff model are the three original starter Pokémon…These three vehicles would be the heaviest produced as they are highly recognizable and thus necessary show-cars for dense cities. Besides obvious difficulties with aerodynamics, the decorations to be put on each are rudimentary when simply placed on an existing vehicle platform.

Happy viewing.










In Stage 2 of the Poké-car phenomenon comes the flying types. While the average Homo sapiens lacks the piloting experience, through my own networking I have found an effective testing grounds for a simple and easy to use ultra-light Poké-copter to be implemented into modern American society…Las Vegas. I dubbed this separate entity POGOair.




With Stage 2’s successful integration into the global traffic system comes Stage 3: Legendary Pokémon. Representations of each (POGO/POGOair) would be utilized…non-winged species fall into luxury vehicles/sports cars/limousines. Winged species that are smaller would fall into propeller planes while larger species fall into passenger planes.

For referendum:

Entei – Red Corvette

Moltres – Hawker Beechcraft Baron G58

Lugia – Boeing 747



Stage 4? Oh yes…but later…

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