After a month on the market, I’ve decided to recast my offer on POGO…as well as invoke poor man’s copyright law (under WordPress at the moment) through the use of a self publishing tool over said creation; etcetera.

I did NOT choose to show my figures and personal research specifically because I also applied for a position at Niantic (despite lacking the college degree) and after no response, feel that it is time to do so. While the Internet is relatively hush on in company specifics (big plus), I found a few decent sources and made calculations through said numbers. The October special showed such an intense growth in activity that I really had to include the pending release of the next update of the time-December 12, 2016-into my own initial asking price…

At 4.9 million USD I had accommodated for the initial earnings of the application at 3.9 million USD with a 1 million bonus from the gross revenue generated at time of the POGO expansion release.

That’s right. Expansion.

POGO: An Environmentally-Based, augmented reality expansion to the PokémonGO application, with Nintendo leading by bridging the digital gap virtually.

As this industry is unique in multiple ways, finding a fair value is challenging. This is one of the first major online games to be broadcast and popular across four generations, not to mention accessible to micropayments of over six billion thumbs in a more harmonious future. Market research comes straight from the user; in this case-as I quoted before-users want to gather and meet amongst one another…in person. POGO is a perfect catalyst for this exact need, whether in random groups or team hordes, through POGO there is always an NPC available at a moments notice.

This fact perfectly sets up two huge game necessities: user versus user battling and user to user trading. Especially when coupled with events in game, my earlier explained RPG elements would help to implement these systems, but I know not of code so forgive me there.

Of course there’s huge logistics of hiring and acquiring that I don’t need to know, I’m just here to expand on a game I loved (and haven’t played since November, though my mother is now level 29).

With the released content comes the “Freemium” side of POGO. There is a constant demand for daily in-person meetups through this expansion and the service can easily be manipulated into a boots-on-ground event hosting service as well. This builds on the free side of the expansion, where the intent is to get people together and entice them at the gathering point with targeted merchandise…I say that it behooves Nintendo to advocate fitness but I do not lead.

This is a good way to draw out that biggest loser crowd and either get them in shape or get them into our taxi service. (Don’t forget to bring the music, a rave to open perhaps)? Crowd control can be as simple as three teams or as complex as unique teams based on city, county, customs or language, the sky is the limit. Level based clans will be a very big thing. To create a more personable environment I say that a pre-hunt bazaar can service the crowd and add valuable gross revenue (Poké-snacks) for relatively low operating costs; 30 minutes from the prescribed time is plenty to find a hunting partner, workers (or volunteers) need not be so attached to their lonely stations…2 hour tours are considered my minimum route times, with no specific details regarding gyms, Pokémon, Poké-stops or any promotional halt into a local Starbucks at my level… Just my consideration.

Eventually the groups will form political divisions; here is where paper maps-with blanks to fill-of augmented reality become ready to use trails for a better game experience, easily dispensed to the main peleton as the more advanced teams race ahead in competition. (Easily bought at one dollar)…(External chargers can be bought at two dollars).

I personally think music is key to this free idea turning into a profitable industry. However, I do not know the legality on said matters and refrain on speculating.

Free to gather, free to play, free to make friends and build camaraderie. Liberty by POGO. Of mind and of purse. A more full entertainment experience for the modern Appolonia breeder. The pavement is lain, let POGO lead the path towards future success in the Pokémon series… Cater to all the playing generations lifestyles.

All free.

Same price.

With all my work…My offer stands at the same number, I have no need for greed. I would like 1 million USD cash to be delivered to my grandmother Patricia Warner in Kennewick Washington, 2 million USD to be distributed evenly between Niantic/Nintendo stock, 300K times 3 into 3 trust funds in my children’s names, and finally, the remaining 1 million USD can be paid salary (through Nintendo corporation) with taxes at 5,000 USD per month.


(Still left to discuss is in-person gyms and whether that is a POGO app function or another entirely).

Thank you for your time.

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