I really enjoyed the article in Wired John, I really hope that picture is a foreshadowing for April fools day and that you might finally let me know you’re interested…that one of those four updates involves POGO. Zapdos is exactly where I intended to take you. (Hopefully we will meet before the Conan festival, I’ll share some knowledge and ideas with ya on the bottom).

Following the current touring strategy of the music industry seems the best starting route for releasing the legendary Pokémon. Now-In Gen2-the 11 unique Pokémon in need of release prior to Generation 3 which almost doubles up to 21. I divided these Pokémon into three “types,” Tourers, Flyers and Teleporters. (Generation 3 will probably need an additional type; Fixed).

To capitalize on the three “types” fully I suggest that one of each be released simultaneously around the globe.

Round 1 would consist of Suicune, Zapdos and Mewtwo. Suicune appears first in the UK moving down to Spain/Portugal and eastward to Moscow. Zapdos flies down from Greenland into Canada towards Toronto, skirting the US westward. I suggest entering through Washington initially, exiting through Florida into the Caribbean to Mexico or from San Diego to Mexico, either way Zapdos continues south towards Brazil. Mewtwo will be most difficult, requiring a “vision quest” for trainers in Japan, teleporting after to isthmus of Istanbul, the Amazon Jungle, an Egyptian monument and finishing on the big island of Hawaii.

Follow a similar scheme likewise for the other 8. My suggestion for Round 2 is Entei, Articuno & Lugia, Mew. Round 3 would be Raiku, Moltres & Ho-oh, Celebi.

(I think Mew should begin from Mauna Loa in Hawaii, right where Mewtwo ends. I think Mew should end on the Nyamuragira Mountain near Rwanda and Celebi begins thereafter)…my thoughts.

The movement paths are completely flexible, intended to reach dense user bases on the one hand and really push the most extreme (and wealthiest) trainers to literally tackle the planet on the other.

My final concern regarding these Pokémon is whether each “legendary” should be given a resting place or only be available for a limited amount of time. Resting seems the easier choice but I think these locations should be withheld until 2019. Time will be a factor either way; each release campaign should be kept below 90 days.

You might already be leaning this way but Airbnb can be redone to create “Battle Towers,” host League Tournaments and manage Official Gym locations and Gym leadership. Competition Tokens similar to Ingress may be the best way to capitalize on this application. Here’s my notes anyways.


A few side notes: Field receptivity through the Trainertips Youtube channel. HOW to utilize the shiny craze? What RPG elements should be applied to the game to ensure daily usage? Should the Magikarp/Gyarados campaign be redone with Feebas? Shedinja? Luvdisc? (This brings to mind the Pokémon rushes that would be announced on the radio in-game, Dunsparce specifically for Gen2 and Luvdisc for Gen3). Selling the official strategy guide.

An idea on stopping cheating; team with 3rd party (fitbit) to triangulate GPS, forcing users to WALK. Fitbit is great in that it already tracks statistics, pushing the goal of exercise and activity. By stopping cheaters the POGO application becomes a monies generator.

All this said, I am no April fool…if a generous donation of say 10,000 USD made it into my Chase bank account (Checking 229206150, Routing 322271627) prior to that day I will consider not going over double my original asking price as PokémonGO sales continue rising (in secret). I asked for less than a percent of that 1 billion (announced) in sales remember?…now I will be demanding 7% royalties but expect me to begin at 10%.




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