1989-life starts in Yuma AZ

1990-mullet/mom’s first divorce/mom’s second marriage



1993-moved to CA



1996-2nd grade/1st grade king city

1997-2nd grade king city

1998-3rd grade king city/house fire/mom’s second divorce

1999-4th grade gonzales

2000-5th grade san francisco/king city

2001-6th grade greenfield

2002-7th grade king city

2003-8th grade king city/home schooled/greenfield/mom’s third marriage

2004-9th grade/started wrestling

2005-10th grade/JV football/wrestling/track

2006-11th grade/Varsity football/broken ankle/wrestling CCS qualifier/track CCS qualifier

2007-12th grade/Varsity football/wrestling/5th place in CCS/track/graduated high school/went to SRJC/wrestling 140 in college for first semester/dropped out after about three weeks of second semester

2008-moved back home/began dating my future wife Lupe March 16th/began college at Hartnell in Salinas/started first real job at Target in September

2009-moved in with Lupe around March/lost first real job at Target in August/moved in with her family in a new apartment together on October 31st/worked as a sports writer for the Herald and did just stats for the Californian/worked black friday at Macy’s

2010-worked the census/joined the US army reserve as a 74D aka POG on June 17th/helped coach wrestling at Soledad High for preseason and a little of regular season/worked for the papers again/left for basic October 5th

2011-returned home March 22nd from IET/started working at Taylor Farms on overnight sanitation shift/reclassed to 25S in October

2012-March 19th Luna Amber Sharp-Gonzalez is born/March 22nd I leave for El Paso to go to Afghanistan/Kuwait

229595_474415149257646_2089724405_n 999678_598588256840334_627251216_n

2013-Homeward bound February 8th/started working at Taylor Farms again, same shift different bosses and plant however/started divorce talks around May/Left our lease early because we planned on divorcing/first break-up August/moved back in October/


2014-worth multiple stories

2015-on track to divorce my wife, the “September” Incident allows Guadalupe Gonzalez the right to own Luna like property as she slanders my character to the Sonoma County Family Court system…I fail to voice my sadness at this loss…

2016-monkey year hits this “man” hard with two new children…(snake life hits harder than most), Khaleesi (Trentina) Sharp-Naghavi was born on 15 June in the early morning, Vincent Alexander Sharp-Tolentino was born on 4 October in the later hours…I was awarded limited visitation rights to see Luna on Friday starting 8 February, which I have mostly been successful in providing…albeit the journey is quite a difficulty.

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