Why all the fireworks?

What is the symbolic meaning behind the fireworks? Now it is simply a way of one city out performing the other, akin to Reagan's "Star Wars" policy and spending, just so that NYC and Washington DC can accurately measure dicks. What do the fireworks really mean though? Look to the national anthem for the answer; … Continue reading Why all the fireworks?

Human Serfdom

It's funny how our society puts so much emphasis on living life to the fullest. Television advertisements tell us to drink beer and alcohol heavily, party with “attractive” members of the opposite sex, play with the newest and coolest gadgets, and so on and so on. The most important piece in the former sentence is … Continue reading Human Serfdom

A Strange Folder in My Documents

Attached are three journal entries, not sure what mad man wrote them but they magically ended up on this computer. Here you go: Titled "Day 1" I find myself on this adventure, changing from a simple idea while I was high to quite possibly how I want to continue living my life. I have slowly … Continue reading A Strange Folder in My Documents